The Company

A few words about Alphanetrix

The Company

A few words about Alphanetrix

Alphanetrix was founded in June 2011 and is a fast-growing company operating in the field of supply, installation, support and maintenance of information systems, providing advanced technological services in the fields of information and telecommunications systems in an integrated environment.
The values of Alphanetrix

It should be noted that in order to meet the full needs of customers, the company relies on its partnerships with leading technology suppliers.

All the solutions offered are based on high technology and are characterized by high reliability, providing internet services, educational and consulting services.

The company's main areas of activity cover a range of integrated IT systems, specialized IT, telecommunication, Internet and custom application design services.

The main sectors of the company's focus cover a wide range of complete IT systems, specialized services in the area of IT, communications, Internet and in the design of customized applications.


Our mission is to contribute, with our top solutions and services, in the growth of your productivity, in the competitiveness of your business in the market, as well as for every professional that needs our services.


Our vision is to constantly develop and iprove our level of expertise and knowledge, and continue to be the leader in our field of expertise, returning and maximizing our and our clients' value, that trust us every day.

Based on the above, Alphanetrix has managed to become a leader in many areas such as CAD software and services, as well as providing unique solutions to high-performance computers.

We continue to expand our portfolio based on the current Greek market requirements for cost-effective and powerful solutions.

Alphanetrix personnel
ALPHANETRIX, recognizing the contribution of the human factor to the provision of high quality services, attaches great importance to maintaining an excellent work environment and continually improving the knowledge and expertise of its staff. Particular attention should be paid to the continuous organization of seminars between computer-based enterprises and computer-based e-learning and training technologies, with contemporary themes and high-level analysis. Every engineer or technician of the company has been certified for its competence in at least one area, and many of them are considered to be experts in the entire family of their product sector.
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