Founded in 2012, Leapfrog is one of the first manufacturers of 3D printers to offer a plug-and-play device. Expanding explosives from day one, Leapfrog always aims to be at the forefront of technology and offer more technologically advanced products than competition. Her vision is to bridge the gap between the current three-dimensional printer technology and the future of three-dimensional printing as a whole.

Leapfrog's strategy

Leapfrog's purpose is to provide very easy-to-use devices that look great, while offering a high-quality printed product for the world. As a result, Leapfrog products bridge the gap between simple desktop 3D printers and very expensive industrial machines. Its customers know they can expect almost 100% reliability and excellent finish without having to invest in the most expensive machine available.
Leapfrog is trying to enable its customers to use a wide variety of advanced printing materials - including its own range of industrial grade materials, while maintaining an open system to other suppliers' materials. In the future, Leapfrog will continue to surprise the market with ultra-sophisticated and large volume-producing machines at a low price.

3D Printers

Creatr HS

"An affordable printer with high precision."

Creatr HS is one of the fastest and most expensive in its class. Nothing else has such a durable construction and a large building platform.


Creatr HS XL

"Creatr HS XL gives you the building platform to get this great print with one touch!"

Creatr HS XL is equipped with a full-color 4-inch LCD screen and only 1 control button. Its extensive body gives it a large building platform and high-speed printing capability can create a great deal without losing quality.


"A fragmentary double head splitting system that delivers flawless duplexing"

Bolt offers the latest technology and innovation. It is easy to use but powerful user interface, developed to give the user maximum control over any device. Made of high quality hardware and technology, designed to make 3D printing easier, faster and more reliable.



"An affordable high-precision professional printer"

Xeed 3D printer is not equal when it comes to accuracy and price. The heated bed chamber, touchscreen and Wi-Fi connection gives you what your projects are looking for.


"This great 3D printer has opened new possibilities for our production way, making cost and time efficient!"

Xcel is the largest printer we have. With the capabilities to make oversized prints with great precision, this machine can make any work feasible.