Supermicro, a worldwide leader in providing Servers high and ultra-high perfomance and innovativeness. Supermicro is a leading supplier of enviromental friendly, intergrated solutions for Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Hadoop / Bid Data and HPC.

  • First-to-Market
  • Most Optimized Designs
  • Widest Range of Products Available
  • Best Selection of High-End Server Products
  • Best Price/Perfomance Ratio
  • High Availability
  • High Perfomance and Quality
  • High Density
  • Extensive Product Lines for Unlimited Customization Options
Alphanetrix continues and strengthens the cooperation with Supermicro with new products and exciting features on Supermicro SuperServers and Storage Systems.Supermicro, the fourth largest manufacturer of server and storage solutions, offers a wide range of optimized and customizable server and storage systems. Through its own development and production Supermicro can offer high quality Systems with improved TCO and ROI. Optimized solutions to GPU offer exceptional advantages to Research Institutes, Engineering and Manufacturing Applications. Similarly, Supermicro Storage Systems are ideal to store and secure your most valuable asset, your company data. Technologies like free-air-cooling, server battery-backup modules coupled with the latest and greatest features of the IT industry, you can be confident that your infrastructure relies on best-of-breed solutions.You, the customer, get excellent technical design and installation services from Alphanetrix and an ideal IT infrastructure for your needs. Customer customized systems are designed according to specifications and installed at your premises. Feel free to call us with your technical request. We are devoted to analyzing the best match for cost effective productivity.You are also invited to visit Supermicro Product Page, which will provide an educated opinion on a vast number of datacenter product families.
  • Highest computing density - (20 DP nodes and 2.56TB memory in 7U)
  • Fastest and Most Cost-Effective Networking Solution - (Infiniband DDR/QDR support)
  • High Efficiency Power for Earth-Friendly Operations - (94% power efficiency with highly effective cooling subsystem design)
  • Outstanding Storage Flexibility - (Up to 60x 2.5" HDDs in 7U for Storage Blades)
  • Peace of Mind via Remote Management
  • Unsurpassed TCO
  • Supports Intel® Xeon® processor 5600/5500 series, AMD Opteron® processor 8000 series (Istanbul) and next generation Intel® Xeon® processors

SuperBlade® offers many unique advantages that differentiate it from competitors' blade products and traditional rack-mount solutions. Customer benefits include maximum density, affordability, reduced management costs, lower power consumption, optimal ROI, and high scalability - and in most applications, blade servers would reduce system acquisition costs.While other blade suppliers only offer general-purpose blade servers, the SuperBlade® family enables full optimization for a wide array of mission-critical and compute-intensive applications. With in-house design engineering agility to accommodate customer needs rapidly, SuperBlade® revolutionizes modular computing architecture by offering several advanced application-optimized models such as Enterprise Blade Server, Data Center Optimized Blade, Workstation Blade and Office Blade.


SuperServer 5039MS-H12TF

Key Feautures (per node)

  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Cache
  • Web Hosting, VM
  • Social Networking
  • Corporate-WINS, DNS, Print, Login

SuperServer 5038MD-H24TRF (Complete System Only)

Key Features (2 Nodes per Tray, Each Node:)

  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Cache, CDN
  • Web Hosting
  • Application delivery

SuperServer 2029TP-HTR

Key Features

  • Compute Intensive Application
  • HPC, Data Center
  • Enterprise Server
  • Financial Analysis
  • Mission-critical applications

SuperStorage Server 5049P-E1CTR36L

Key Features

  • Connectivity/Storage Compute Nodes
  • Database Processing & Storage Appliance Platform

SuperStorage Server 6048R-E1CR45H (Complete System Only)

Key Features

  • Ideal for Datacenter Deployment
  • High Density
  • Capacity maximized
  • Suitable for media & entrainment industries
  • 45 HDD Top Loading

GPU SuperWorkstation 7048GR-TR

Key Features

  • GPU SuperWorkstation up tp 4x GPU Cards
  • Ideal for HPC Infrastructures
  • Dual Intel Xeon CPU
  • Up to 2TB Memory

SuperServer E50-9AP

Key Features

  • IoT Gateway
  • Commercial Appliance
  • IP51 for water/dust proof

SuperServer 2029UZ-TN20R25M (Complete System Only)

Key Features

  • Virtualization
  • Hyperconverge Storage
  • Cloud Computing
  • High End Enterprise Serve

SuperServer 1029GQ-TRT

Ky Features

  • Supports up to 4 GPUs in 1U
  • Support Active/Passive GPUs
  • GPU health monitoring with
  • Fan speed control

SuperServer 5019S-L

Key Features

  • Mainstream, Entry Appliance
  • Low Power, Cost effective